The Critical Power of Big Data

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Here on the earth, we have been struggling to work with tools for billions of years. We had to think about how to use them, and then how to communicate with them. Our work was not as efficient as we wanted and could be. Now we are trying to design intelligent machines that can replace tools, to become a part of us, to work with us and even to help us make choices without thinking. A part of human history is about to change completely. Welcome to the age of Dataism.

The Lifecycle of a Data Science Project

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It is always advantageous for data scientists to follow a well-defined data science workflow when working with big data. Regardless of whether a data scientist wants to perform analysis with the motive of conveying a story through data visualization or wants to build a data model — the data science workflow process matters. A standard workflow for data science projects ensures that the various teams within an organization are in sync, so that any further delays may be avoided.

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First things first, I’ve given the app many tries and never really found any content I enjoy watching on it because somehow I always end up in the unholy circle of hell that is mediocre lip syncing and mindless dancing. No matter how much I try to manipulate my feed results by liking relevant videos so that the app can give me similar suggestions according to my taste. I more often than not, landed on content that I didn’t enjoy watching. …

Reuben Rapose

I started learning Data Science because I was told that Big Data holds all the answers. But now I am learning the right questions to ask.

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